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Naturals offer three unique manicures – Spa Manicure, Radiant Manicure and Intense Moisturizing Manicure.The Spa Manicure is an all herbal manicure that helps you de-stress by releasing the tension from your nerves using organic products.The Radiant Manicure is an excellent way to whiten dull or tanned skin. Get rid of unevenly tanned skin with this special manicure. The Intense Moisturizing Manicure is recommended for dry hands. Soak your hands in a special moisturising mixture for soft, beautiful hands.

For hands that feel Naturally soft!




A pedicure is the best stress relief for the body. It releases the tension from your feet, relieving and detoxing the entire body. At Naturals, we specialise in 3 types of pedicure – Radiant Pedicure, Intense Moisturizing Pedicure and Spa Pedicure. The Radiant Pedicure is best suited for tanned feet. It lightens tans and blemishes, making your feet beautiful.The Intense Moisturizing Pedicure is recommended for dry feet. Soak your feet in a specially designed moisturising mixture and watch the dryness disappear!

Get that pedicure for the feet on the go!


Reflexology helps keep you healthy from within, which reflects on your skin. At Naturals, we believe that to be beautiful outside; you should start from the core.

Our Reflexologists apply pressure to your feet and hands using specific techniques without applying oil or lotion. This treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and energised!

De-stress and bloom from the core!



Threading & Waxing

Our professionals take utmost care to ensure our customers have a comfortable and relatively less painful grooming experience. At Naturals, your body is treated with the best quality products.

Eyebrow threading is performed with consideration for your facial features, and body waxing leaves you with a silky smooth finish.

Groom yourself with the comfort of our experts!

Nail Art

Are you looking to stand out and have the spotlight all on you? At Naturals, your nails are taken the best care of, from giving them simple to a dazed, embellished look.

Nail art is a creative way to decorate and enhance your nails how you want to, making your outfits stand out more!


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